US-Musikpreis: Sechs Grammys für Beyoncé |

US-Musikpreis: Sechs Grammys für Beyoncé |

she is beautiful? well, i guess she is. but there are women who are smarter, more charismatic and loveable. why shall i fall for a celebrity? i want real love. a real person, someone who stands beside me. well i´m repeating myself. i know. but somehow i just can´t manage to forget her. or even allow her to leave my presence…luckily, she doesn´t have to ask for permission. has anyone ever tried to swallow love? to shut it away to try and forget it to betray yourself for their good? for their luck and life nad happiness? she couldn´t cope with me loving her, i know that. i know her to love me but in an other way, for another reason. anybody got a plan?


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