US-Musikpreis: Sechs Grammys für Beyoncé |

US-Musikpreis: Sechs Grammys für Beyoncé |

she is beautiful? well, i guess she is. but there are women who are smarter, more charismatic and loveable. why shall i fall for a celebrity? i want real love. a real person, someone who stands beside me. well i´m repeating myself. i know. but somehow i just can´t manage to forget her. or even allow her to leave my presence…luckily, she doesn´t have to ask for permission. has anyone ever tried to swallow love? to shut it away to try and forget it to betray yourself for their good? for their luck and life nad happiness? she couldn´t cope with me loving her, i know that. i know her to love me but in an other way, for another reason. anybody got a plan?


I love you but I’ve chosen Disco | Spreeblick

I love you but I’ve chosen Disco | Spreeblick.

I do love you. And I chose D I S C O – always out. always fun. always – lonely on the inside. does it make sense to be out, to hang around with friends to be what you wanna be and to never truly be yourself?

I couldn´t leave you. you are my best friend. in the world.


what about making a complete fool of yourself? i´d rather say i never did…but i can hardly lie in here. F***. the person i´m in love with just told me, she´s in love with somebody – and i suppose it is somebody else. can´t be sure though, never having told her about my feelings.


but still – i couldn´t resist asking further – and got more or less hidden by an „out-of-order“-signpost. well, i guess i´ve to cope with this – donßt know how but maybe time will see to that.

why can some people live happily ever after and some stay lonesome their entire life? nt that i´m lonely…i just care for her more than i do for my own life. does that make sense?


well pals – what do you think?

Wer sind die sexiesten Filmstars aller Zeiten? – Bildergalerie bei WEB.DE

Jetzt mal ehrlich Freunde,

was man hier auf nachlesen kann, kann einfach nicht ernst gemeint sein….. Megan Fox der sexieste Star aller Zeiten? Sicher, dei Frau ist heiß, sehr heiß sogar, allerdings wohl kaum „aller Zeiten“ großartigst.

Vor allen Dingen, wenn die großen Damen des Kinos gar nicht dabei sind: Was is denn bitte mit einer Brigitte Bardot, einer Romy Schneider, einer Sophia Loren oder selbst einer Natalie Portman, um auch mal ein jüngeres Semester zu nennen, gar nicht dabei sind?!

Das kann ja wohl nur ein schlechter Witz sein.

Sleepless Beauty

Hey guys,

first of all I want to tell you how weird I feel, to tell the entire world about me and my life. But I guess I´ll come over it.

Have you ever tried to sleep less than 20hours per week? I did last week. But not on purpose as you might have guessed. I can´t sleep anymore. Total exhaustion, sports, tea and stuff does not help either. but why am I telling you this?

It´s for the fact that I ponder so much I feel the need to express my thoughts. to tell the world that none of you shall be lonely. that you all will find somebody out there, who cares for you. To me, for now, it´s the most wonderful woman in the world. She´s my sleeping beauty while I´m awake.

music tip for today: Damien Rice – I remember